Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stuff I've Read Recently

1. Ninety Minutes in Heaven - This book helped me start looking forward to heaven. As a young person, I could never quite grasp that excitement that older people have when they talk about going "home." It's going to be so wonderful, and this book helped me have a much better picture of the joy and fulfillment that is so tremendously unlike anything we can experience here on earth.
2. Dear Enemy, - A compilation of the correspondences of a young woman, this book records the growth of a pampered debutante who becomes a young woman whose passions are focused on helping orphans she is responsible for. Her fiery Scotch/Irish personality make her better fitted for the job of bringing new life to an orphanage and dealing with problematic individuals who stand in the way of her newfangled ideas than she herself wants to admit. Her most consistent opponent is a doctor whose very scientific ideas about how to deal with the children conflict with Sallie's directly. Hence he is addressed as Dear Enemy, in her letters to him. This amusing book culminates in the laying down of arms between the two young people as they realize their mutual respect and love for each other.
3. Call of the Wild - I get a little emotional when I read about how Buck was mistreated in this book because (firstly) I'm a girl and (secondly) because I really like dogs. Even though London is rather bleak in his books, he is a phenomenal writer who had an uncanny ability to see into the nature of a magnificent creature such as Buck. The whole fight for survival and all that makes for a really interesting read.

Well, I'm taking advantage of the slow start into classes and am preparing to tackle a trilogy by Ted Dekker which should be very exciting!