Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Speeding Tickets

I have gotten two speeding tickets in my life for reasons that are obvious to most people who ride with me for a significant distance. This summer I think I've started to analyze why I have this compulsion to speed. I came up with at least two reasons.
The first reason I came up with was that there is little that lifts my spirits as quickly as a drive through the country on a warm summer evening. For the conditions to be right the windows must be down and some good music playing on the radio. Country roads around my house are usually fairly empty and since I drive them often I know them like the back of my hand. I know where the 90 degree turns are and the little humps that make you feel like you left your stomach behind. I hit the turns just as fast as you can safely take them without even thinking. On the straightaways, I quickly give into the temptation to hit 60 mph to have that satisfying feeling of the wind rushing in and blocking all other noises out.
The second reason I came up with is that driving and thus speeding as well is in my blood. My dad has been a truck driver for over 30 years and is very good at his profession. He also has a heavy foot although he tries not to admit to us. I don't know how many tickets he's gotten over the years but I know its quite a few. I have inherited from him the love for driving and traveling. So my claim is that speeding is also genetic.
I'm really trying to work on this problem now that I've somewhat diagnosed my problem. I try to be more deliberate about my driving and not just kick myself onto autopilot which for me tends to set the speeds too high:)

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Wisdom of a 3 Year Old

My nephew Camron who is 3 years old is quite adventurous. One day as we were eating lunch on the front porch, he started climbing the wrought iron porch post. I told him he looked like a monkey. Touching him on his back just above his rear, I jokingly told him I thought I saw a tail growing.
He looked at me indignantly and said loudly for the neighborhood to hear, "Its not a tail- its a butt!"
I love kids!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Distinctly Summer

Strawberry shortcake
Uninterrupted time to read
Mown grass
Mosquito bites
Exciting amusement parks
Road trips

Diving boards
Air conditioning
Youth camp
Songs of the insects