Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trucking with My Pops

I've been a trucker's daughter for my whole life and know pitifully little about this aspect of our transportation system. My dad got a new job a few years ago where they allow him to take one passenger at a time if permission is asked. With my reduced work hours this summer, I decided this was the time to take advantage of this opportunity. All in all it was a really cool experience and I just wanted to hit the high points of interest.
First, I was fascinated by trucker lingo. Try translating this:
"A bear just pulled over a hammer-down four wheeler at the 205." (What I got from it was that a police officer had pulled over a fast-moving four wheeled vehicle at mile marker 205. It sounds so much cooler the way they say it, though.)
I got to see the St. Louis Arch during the day and also night which was pretty cool. I preferred definitely the nightime view to the daytime one.
Also, I slept so much I think I was getting tired from sleeping. I was able to finish reading 3 books and spent alot of quality time with my cool dad.
It was great spending time with my dad who I don't see a whole lot since he's gone all week long. We had plenty of time to talk and I felt like I definitely got a better view of what his world is like. I'm glad I can relate better to him now.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The President's Motorcade

When I went to D.C. last Saturday, I was really excited about what I might see. High on my list of things I wanted to see was the Presidential motorcade. I know you can't exactly order up "one Presidential motorcade with lots of Secret Service men and guns, please" so I didn't have my hopes very high. As my friends and I were exiting the Washington Monument information building, I started getting really excited when I noticed police officers jumping out of their cars and blocking off the road. What would they block the road off for other than a motorcade?! I excitedly ran to the edge of the road and whipped out my handy-dandy cell phone to record this cool event. First came two policemen on motorcycles who motioned the people to get back. Next came several several dark SUV's one with windows rolled down and SS guys hanging out the window with guns ready. It was so awesome! There were several police cars with sirens going as they all flashed past. I have no proof that it was the President's motorcade I saw, but it was definitely someone important or else those policemen and SS guys were just out joyriding. It totally made my day!