Saturday, November 22, 2008

In Defense of Snow

I have certain friends who do not share my passion for snow. Whenever they get all "Bah, humbug," about snow, I feel like a little child who has been told that Santa Claus does not really exist. Who can't enjoy fluffy whiteness falling from the sky and making the city and country look beautiful and clean for at least a little while? The dancing snowflakes hold stories and memories of cups of hot chocolate, families laughing around a fireplace, people whipping down slopes on skis, and many a great scene from book or movie savored from childhood. My mind always travels to the Laura Ingall Wilder series and how Laura and her sisters would do these awesome things in the snow like sledding, sleigh riding, and snowball battles. I wish I had time and enough snow to enjoy these activities myself.
The cool thing about snow is that each snowflake is different. To me that reminds me that I don't have to just savor past wintery memories. Each new winter and snowfall is a fresh chance to try some new memory-making method. I am still hoping for that chance to sing "Jingle Bells" as I'm really riding in a sleigh on some snowy evening. I hope I have convinced at least several people that snow is worth it for the fun and beauty that it provides. Now bring on the SNOW!