Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dead Kitty:(

I work off campus for a family as basically a laundress and part-time homework policewoman. My duties also include light housework and babysitting. The newest event of interest in the Weimeyer (identities have been changed to protect privacy:) household is the adoption of a stray cat and her new litter of 6 kittens. Unfortunately, little Sox passed away today much to the chagrin of Gretta and her friend who had planned to adopt the kitten when it was weaned. They took the little corpse to the church to have prayers for it. Gretta's friend then carried the body around all afternoon petting it like a good luck charm. After picking up the girls at the church, I asked them why they wanted to tote a dead kitty around. The concept seemed rather gross to me. Gretta informed me that, "The kitten may not be dead yet." When I gave her a single raised brow 'whatever' look, she said, "You just need to think more positively."
Well, there you have it. Never assume that a kitten which is not breathing is dead. With the power of positive thinking, anything is possible!