Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Volleyball, oh volleyball what have you done to me? Tonight there was no magic whatsoever. My team here at GBS played a team that had 3 players while we had 5 players (and we nearly lost). I think I've been playing too much lately cause I could not get my feet unglued from the floor. I felt bad for my team because they had to deal with my many mistakes. Ahh! Unless you think I no longer like volleyball let me clarify. This past week I had a chance to play some competetive girls' volleyball against some visiting high school girls who were here for a guys' basketball tournament. We had two practices this past week which were quite strenuous. The actual game was fairly tight as well. We had game point in the last game when they came back and somehow won. So playing intramurals was sort of anticlimatic for me since it was switching back to a totally different way of playing. In co-ed volleyball, girls naturally take the supportive roles and aren't the ones spiking and blocking. I miss that stuff. But now that I've got that out of my system, I think next week will go better. I have a great team, and I think we have the potential to go far. Rock on Defenders!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter Jam

This is a hot topic at the moment so I'm going to give into the need to relate my exciting experiences as well. Winter Jam was a concert featuring several different Christian bands. I was really pumped up about it cause some of my favorite groups were going to be there. They did not disappoint. I totally loved Mandisa's (former American idol contestant) stage presence and voice. She could totally belt it! Newsong was rather a surprise for me since I wasn't really expecting to like their music. No offense to them or anything, but I thought they looked like a bunch of old men have beens. They were phenomenal! They had some of the best lyrics and voices.
Mercyme deserves their own paragraph cause they were a step above everyone else in my book. When they hit the stage I was like "Yeah! This is what I was waiting for." They sang some songs from their new album that have some really powerful lyrics. Me and my friends (Sam, Mel, and Cheryl) were totally getting into it. Then they sang some of their older songs I was more familiar with and it was fun being able to sing along.
The most unique experience was getting to meet some of the stage hands and lesser known groups when we went back to look for Mel's lost phone. The one had this very cool Australian accent. "Unload all the cardboard boxes first will ya, mate?" Fun:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Leanna's Plans

I am just writing down what Leanna said as she contemplated her weekend plans...

"I think it would be cool to yea, be with people that we know. I haven't been to a concert in a long time and its not super expensive. We need to get up there on the stage and like, ya know, bust a few moves. [edit] Tonight. My room."

Disclaimer: This conversation is not all that it seems. Don't worry. She's not gonna try anything at the concert (or so she says)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tales from the Office

Ummm *laughter*
"It's gonna be very random. I don't think I read that. Great Expectations? Is that Charles Dickens?" she said as she sat reclining in her office chair with Sophocles in her lap.
*more laughter*
"So Sam, how you doin?...I'm waiting on your response"
He just laughed. She laughed even more.
"I'm not getting much homework done."
"Thanks to...." *ahem* Sam said.

"Well we need a lead pipe, knife, rope and a wrench. Any help?" he asked.

Leanna continued, "I know a really funny dialogue. Also more-so than funny actions. but I do like funny action movies too, I think I'm kind of half and half. Thats movie made me sad though... Hamlet? Freak!"

Leanna: Missy just laughs uproariously.
Missy: That's not funny
Melissa: That's why the laugh was fake.

A Day in the Life of a "New R.A."

So did you want to be an R.A.*? Did you sit at the R.A.'s table before you became one? Did you ask for the job? How does it feel? Do you like your new job? You should give them points! You do know as an R.A. your gonna lose all your friends. So are you going to change?

These are all comments I have heard within the past 10 days. To be honest I have struggled with my carnal nature when asked these questions. On many occasions I had to bite my tongue and say to myself, "Now be nice be nice Leanna, these people are just curious about your new job." I really wanted to just rattle off some sarcastic response and be completely stupid. Well, when I agreed to be an R.A., it was because I thought it would just be a little sidenote on an otherwise normal semester. So far it has dominated my normal college habits. It's hard for me to handle all that change at once so the past two weeks have been a little strained for me. But God has definitely been good to me by consistently ministering to me through the school-wide revival and services at church.

My opinion of an R.A. was that they were a person put in a position to help keep the dorm from going nuts. I always thought they were pretty cool, and they didn't invade my space to much so we cohabitated very well. So my line of reasoning was something like this when Miss V asked me if I would consider being the 2nd floor R.A. "I like the R.A.s. This job seems like an answer to prayer in the financial area so why not?" I talked to God about it and had this distinct feeling that this opportunity had come along at this point in my life for a specific reason. So I took a big step and accepted the position. Little did I know how much it would alter my image in many peoples' minds.

I guess my answer to the aforementioned questions would be "No, I am not power tripping. I'm not planning on changing except hopefully only to become more mature in my walk with God. I am still the same person and I still feel the same way about all my friends and acquaintances on campus." I wish and hope they will feel the same way about me.
*R.A.= resident assisstant

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Obsession with Dark Chocolate

I feel like I've just discovered dark chocolate. I have no idea how I survived without it. It is a small piece of heaven for me. I used to be a big fan of milk chocolate. I am now amazed at my ignorance.
Whenever my mom would buy those bags of mixed chocolates, I always ate anything except the dark chocolate. I thought it was too bitter. Well, after I found out dark chocolate was actually slightly more healthy, I decided I should give it another spin. My more mature taste buds were obviously better able to appreciate the sensation, and I am now a dark chocolate fanatic.
As I sit here stuffing my face with some chocolate my aunt gave me for Christmas I am able to comfort myself with the fact that the antioxidants are doing wonders for my health. How nice!!