Friday, April 30, 2010

A Crazy, Intense Week

I always say one of my favorite weeks of the school year is finals. This may seem strange until you have the college experience yourself. I have found the week before finals to be a week not for the weak or infirm of spirit. Every imaginable project comes due, not mention all the thousands of pages of reading, and of course the infamous reflection papers. The only people I pity more than a college student at this time is a college professor, although its hard to remember this at three in the morning when I'm typing the "Strange Woman" paper. I only have one paper to type, but they have upwards of twenty to grade. Bleh!!!
Some of my unique experiences of the week include losing my keys only to find them again in the trunk lock of my car two days later. Another was my first all-night study session of college. I know you may all realize what a weakling I am now or else excellent student, I'm not sure which, but Senior Worldview Seminar really takes it out of a person. Since at least Wednesday of last week, I have been in high-stress mode over this project that is worth 80% of my grade. I decided on the subject of "The Culture and How It Affects Our Children." Wow! What a loaded subject! I loved the books I found on the subject because they confirmed many of my preconceived ideas of how the culture is affecting our children. It was a powerful reminder to be vigilant in guarding the things we allow to impact our children. Dr. Glick seemed pleased my report, even though given after a sleepless night and the class enjoyed a really good discussion. Thanks to all those other slackers out there who chatted with me on Facebook and kept me from utter depression as I struggled through the wee hours of Tuesday morning!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Can I Blog about in 10 Minutes before Supper?

The other day I almost saw my good friend Cesar Perez die.
It was a normal Sunday afternoon at Kid's Club, and on account of the awesome weather we were outside messing around, waiting for the kids to get there. Cheryl, Cesar, and I were throwing the arobie which is basically a frisbee without the middle. They fly really easily which is both cool and not good at the same time. One uncontrolled fling and the arobie will soar into a tree, house roof, etc. Cesar had terrible aim with one throw and landed it right on the church roof. Cheryl really wanted her arobie back and since Cesar was the reason it was up there, she gave him this look that said, "You better get that." Josh Williams who is somewhat of a giant at 6'5" offered to boost him onto the roof. This went pretty smoothly, and Cesar managed to shimmy up about 4 feet to grab the arobie. But by the time he reached it, he realized his hands were on FIRE! The sunny day had the shingles radiating some major heat. He gave the arobie a weak throw and managed to get it stuck in the gutter. He then started to SLIDE down the roof because his hands hurt so bad and the steep angle kept him from being able to get a foothold. It was so scary. Luckily, the gutter stopped him and Josh was able to throw some rags up to protect his hands.
The next step of this exciting event was getting Cesar off the roof in one piece. I suggested getting a truck under him so he could jump. Josh said, "If you jump, man, I'll catch you." Cesar decided to trust his roomie. After scooting as close to the edge as he could, he began to have second thoughts. "How do I jump?!" he yelled worriedly. "Are you sure you can catch me?" "I'm sure! Just jump on the count of three!" Josh said. "One, two, three.... Okay, let's try that again. One, two, three...." Finally after a couple false starts, Cesar worked up the nerve to fling himself off the roof and Josh amazingly was able to catch him with no harm to either of them. It was crazy!!!