Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Musings

The effect of a rainy Friday is not near what the effect of a rainy Monday would be. Sitting here in the DOW office of GBS, I feel peaceful and happy and the rain seems only friendly and comforting. Would it be a Monday, I would feel out of sorts and depressed by such weather. When I got back from a coffee run, I noticed that the birds are singing as well even though the rain is rather cold and uncomfortable. If I were a bird I don't think I would feel that good, but it was definitely cheering to hear them singing. This made me think that I should never ignore chances to reach out and encourage others no matter what the weather of my life may be like at the time. It may mean more than I can ever realize. Others have done that for me, and it is so cool when it comes at a time that you feel totally stressed and downhearted. So go out and be an encourager even in the cold, rainy times:)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall! How Beautiful!

I can resist no longer! I must blog about this delightful thing called fall.
So I was walking down the steps in my GBS approved open heeled shoes, when I tripped and can you believe it, FELL.
Thoughts on this delightful time: OUCH!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Art of Convincing People

Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch an funny interchange which turned out to be a valuable learning experience as well. Some friends, namely Sam, Melissa, and Duane invited me to go out for Chinese with them. After we jumped in the car, the usual group decision making process began. "So are we still thinking Chinese?" asked Duane. "Yeah, that will work," says Sam. Mel and I don't much care because we've already eaten. "The only thing I would be interested in is a drink or dessert," says I. "Where would you like to go, Sam?" Duane asks politely. "Well, there's a place in Clifton and that other place over in _____. There pretty authentic" Sam says. "That could work," says Duane. "How about P. F. Chang's?" I pipe up with,"I've never been there before." "Alright, I'm thinking Chang's, plus Leanna's never been there before." We all settle in for the ride, relieved that the decision has been made. My mind has begun to wander, when Duane leans over with a satisfied smile and says, "I decided on P. F. Chang's in chapel."
Moral of the story: Just let people think they have a part in decision making and all will go your way:)