Saturday, November 22, 2008

In Defense of Snow

I have certain friends who do not share my passion for snow. Whenever they get all "Bah, humbug," about snow, I feel like a little child who has been told that Santa Claus does not really exist. Who can't enjoy fluffy whiteness falling from the sky and making the city and country look beautiful and clean for at least a little while? The dancing snowflakes hold stories and memories of cups of hot chocolate, families laughing around a fireplace, people whipping down slopes on skis, and many a great scene from book or movie savored from childhood. My mind always travels to the Laura Ingall Wilder series and how Laura and her sisters would do these awesome things in the snow like sledding, sleigh riding, and snowball battles. I wish I had time and enough snow to enjoy these activities myself.
The cool thing about snow is that each snowflake is different. To me that reminds me that I don't have to just savor past wintery memories. Each new winter and snowfall is a fresh chance to try some new memory-making method. I am still hoping for that chance to sing "Jingle Bells" as I'm really riding in a sleigh on some snowy evening. I hope I have convinced at least several people that snow is worth it for the fun and beauty that it provides. Now bring on the SNOW!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Musings

The effect of a rainy Friday is not near what the effect of a rainy Monday would be. Sitting here in the DOW office of GBS, I feel peaceful and happy and the rain seems only friendly and comforting. Would it be a Monday, I would feel out of sorts and depressed by such weather. When I got back from a coffee run, I noticed that the birds are singing as well even though the rain is rather cold and uncomfortable. If I were a bird I don't think I would feel that good, but it was definitely cheering to hear them singing. This made me think that I should never ignore chances to reach out and encourage others no matter what the weather of my life may be like at the time. It may mean more than I can ever realize. Others have done that for me, and it is so cool when it comes at a time that you feel totally stressed and downhearted. So go out and be an encourager even in the cold, rainy times:)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall! How Beautiful!

I can resist no longer! I must blog about this delightful thing called fall.
So I was walking down the steps in my GBS approved open heeled shoes, when I tripped and can you believe it, FELL.
Thoughts on this delightful time: OUCH!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Art of Convincing People

Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch an funny interchange which turned out to be a valuable learning experience as well. Some friends, namely Sam, Melissa, and Duane invited me to go out for Chinese with them. After we jumped in the car, the usual group decision making process began. "So are we still thinking Chinese?" asked Duane. "Yeah, that will work," says Sam. Mel and I don't much care because we've already eaten. "The only thing I would be interested in is a drink or dessert," says I. "Where would you like to go, Sam?" Duane asks politely. "Well, there's a place in Clifton and that other place over in _____. There pretty authentic" Sam says. "That could work," says Duane. "How about P. F. Chang's?" I pipe up with,"I've never been there before." "Alright, I'm thinking Chang's, plus Leanna's never been there before." We all settle in for the ride, relieved that the decision has been made. My mind has begun to wander, when Duane leans over with a satisfied smile and says, "I decided on P. F. Chang's in chapel."
Moral of the story: Just let people think they have a part in decision making and all will go your way:)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stuff I've Read Recently

1. Ninety Minutes in Heaven - This book helped me start looking forward to heaven. As a young person, I could never quite grasp that excitement that older people have when they talk about going "home." It's going to be so wonderful, and this book helped me have a much better picture of the joy and fulfillment that is so tremendously unlike anything we can experience here on earth.
2. Dear Enemy, - A compilation of the correspondences of a young woman, this book records the growth of a pampered debutante who becomes a young woman whose passions are focused on helping orphans she is responsible for. Her fiery Scotch/Irish personality make her better fitted for the job of bringing new life to an orphanage and dealing with problematic individuals who stand in the way of her newfangled ideas than she herself wants to admit. Her most consistent opponent is a doctor whose very scientific ideas about how to deal with the children conflict with Sallie's directly. Hence he is addressed as Dear Enemy, in her letters to him. This amusing book culminates in the laying down of arms between the two young people as they realize their mutual respect and love for each other.
3. Call of the Wild - I get a little emotional when I read about how Buck was mistreated in this book because (firstly) I'm a girl and (secondly) because I really like dogs. Even though London is rather bleak in his books, he is a phenomenal writer who had an uncanny ability to see into the nature of a magnificent creature such as Buck. The whole fight for survival and all that makes for a really interesting read.

Well, I'm taking advantage of the slow start into classes and am preparing to tackle a trilogy by Ted Dekker which should be very exciting!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Familiar Halls

My return to God's Bible School and College has been a fairly smooth transition. This has definitely been a blessing from God. I was rather amazed at myself when I realized how happy coming back here made me. As I contemplated this, I began to recognize how this is a place where I've seen really good things happen. I've seen the affects not only in my own life, but in the lives of many of my friends. Sometimes I wonder if I had more spiritualized eyes, if I could see God's presence hovering over this school. Yes, I know this isn't some utopian setting, but miracles happen here.
On the more everyday level, life seems very much the same here while yet having the potential to be profoundly different. I already miss some of my graduated friends, but the change will be that I get to make new ones among this year's freshman. My sister and best friend Cheryl left me for 3rd floor where she is now the R.A. so I'm rather at loose ends about who to bug or borrow clothes from. The cool thing is that now we are once again co-workers, and she has a big, new room with an air conditioner where we can crash.
I think my classes this semester will be very enriching as I navigate my first Dr. Brown class and also take a course in Shakespeare who I love reading. Hermeneutics will teach me how to better study the Bible, and I'm not sure what I'm going to learn in Hymnology but I'm sure it will be good.
Well, picture me holding a glass of some non-alcoholic beverage and giving a toast. "Here's to a great fall semester at God's Bible School and College!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trucking with My Pops

I've been a trucker's daughter for my whole life and know pitifully little about this aspect of our transportation system. My dad got a new job a few years ago where they allow him to take one passenger at a time if permission is asked. With my reduced work hours this summer, I decided this was the time to take advantage of this opportunity. All in all it was a really cool experience and I just wanted to hit the high points of interest.
First, I was fascinated by trucker lingo. Try translating this:
"A bear just pulled over a hammer-down four wheeler at the 205." (What I got from it was that a police officer had pulled over a fast-moving four wheeled vehicle at mile marker 205. It sounds so much cooler the way they say it, though.)
I got to see the St. Louis Arch during the day and also night which was pretty cool. I preferred definitely the nightime view to the daytime one.
Also, I slept so much I think I was getting tired from sleeping. I was able to finish reading 3 books and spent alot of quality time with my cool dad.
It was great spending time with my dad who I don't see a whole lot since he's gone all week long. We had plenty of time to talk and I felt like I definitely got a better view of what his world is like. I'm glad I can relate better to him now.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The President's Motorcade

When I went to D.C. last Saturday, I was really excited about what I might see. High on my list of things I wanted to see was the Presidential motorcade. I know you can't exactly order up "one Presidential motorcade with lots of Secret Service men and guns, please" so I didn't have my hopes very high. As my friends and I were exiting the Washington Monument information building, I started getting really excited when I noticed police officers jumping out of their cars and blocking off the road. What would they block the road off for other than a motorcade?! I excitedly ran to the edge of the road and whipped out my handy-dandy cell phone to record this cool event. First came two policemen on motorcycles who motioned the people to get back. Next came several several dark SUV's one with windows rolled down and SS guys hanging out the window with guns ready. It was so awesome! There were several police cars with sirens going as they all flashed past. I have no proof that it was the President's motorcade I saw, but it was definitely someone important or else those policemen and SS guys were just out joyriding. It totally made my day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Speeding Tickets

I have gotten two speeding tickets in my life for reasons that are obvious to most people who ride with me for a significant distance. This summer I think I've started to analyze why I have this compulsion to speed. I came up with at least two reasons.
The first reason I came up with was that there is little that lifts my spirits as quickly as a drive through the country on a warm summer evening. For the conditions to be right the windows must be down and some good music playing on the radio. Country roads around my house are usually fairly empty and since I drive them often I know them like the back of my hand. I know where the 90 degree turns are and the little humps that make you feel like you left your stomach behind. I hit the turns just as fast as you can safely take them without even thinking. On the straightaways, I quickly give into the temptation to hit 60 mph to have that satisfying feeling of the wind rushing in and blocking all other noises out.
The second reason I came up with is that driving and thus speeding as well is in my blood. My dad has been a truck driver for over 30 years and is very good at his profession. He also has a heavy foot although he tries not to admit to us. I don't know how many tickets he's gotten over the years but I know its quite a few. I have inherited from him the love for driving and traveling. So my claim is that speeding is also genetic.
I'm really trying to work on this problem now that I've somewhat diagnosed my problem. I try to be more deliberate about my driving and not just kick myself onto autopilot which for me tends to set the speeds too high:)

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Wisdom of a 3 Year Old

My nephew Camron who is 3 years old is quite adventurous. One day as we were eating lunch on the front porch, he started climbing the wrought iron porch post. I told him he looked like a monkey. Touching him on his back just above his rear, I jokingly told him I thought I saw a tail growing.
He looked at me indignantly and said loudly for the neighborhood to hear, "Its not a tail- its a butt!"
I love kids!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Distinctly Summer

Strawberry shortcake
Uninterrupted time to read
Mown grass
Mosquito bites
Exciting amusement parks
Road trips

Diving boards
Air conditioning
Youth camp
Songs of the insects

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summer Life

Howdy! I have been home in good old PA for a few days now. So far nothing life-changing has occured. I have realized that I have way too much clothing and it is time for a closet purge. I also have contemplated the odds of getting a decent job just for the summer. They do not seem favorable. I will be working at former employer several days a week, but unfortunately the full-time position I was hoping for evaporated since mid-winter break. Bummer! Oh, well, I think God is opening up doors for me to do some things that I've been wanting to do for a long time, including working with my little sister Amy. She is 14 years old and deaf. She has other delays that making learning difficult for her as well. My mom has born the main brunt of taking care of her over the years and I want to enable her to take on some projects she's been wanting to complete. This will be a total switch for me after being a "working girl" for the past 5 summers. My mom is also insisting that learning how to cook better is imperative so this is probably the summer it will happen. I also plan on learning to master the grocery store since I am always amazed at how long it takes me to find all the stuff on a short shopping list. I mean, with all the practice I've had with shopping, I thought it would come naturally. Apparently it doesn't so I set forth to conquer the grocery store this summer.
I just wanted to give a quick update on what my summer is looking like at this point! Please return the favor:)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sorry for Being so Self-absorbed

I often struggle with coming up with a fresh topic to blog about. We all know most people on campus are tired of school, had a great camp meeting, and think they have the best summer plans of anyone they know. It disturbs me that I can't think of anything else significant to talk about. Why do the subjects I write about have to be related to me? That caused me to realize how often I think of things only in relation to how they affect me. This bothers me because as a follower of Jesus, I want to make others my focus. I often think of this little song we used to sing in first grade that said, "J-O-Y This must surely be, Jesus first, yourself last, and others in between." Pretty much nails it if you ask me. (I can't believed I just used a fragment but I didn't want to tack that onto the previous sentence which seemed too long already) (Wait... is that a run-on???) Anyway, I'm not sure how I can change this aspect of my life, but I also realize I can't change on my own. God will continue having to work on me to help change my mindset.

So this summer I hope to further develop my mind by reading some more intellectual material. This was Missie's suggestion for a word so to clarify I simply mean not fluffy reading but more of the classics and things that will be helpful to me as a teacher. (Wow! I must say I sound like a dreadfully boring individual) Maybe then I will be able to latch onto the secrets of the universe and mankind and have something awfully exciting to blog about. I thought about politics but that is one baby I am just not ready to tackle. I also hope to get involved in a kid's ministry back home so that would give me other noteworthy items to blog about other than "my boring, meaningless existence" (Missie Lehman). I will endeavor, though, to keep you updated on the most important personal happenings that are of possible interest to my readers.

Happy summer wishes to all!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Why a Massage Would Be So Nice

1. Today was the first day of finals and my mind is starting to get fuzzzzzyyyy...
2. I can't remeber things anymore like how to spell simple wodrs.
3. After a 6 page exam for some reason my shoulders were a little tight.
4. I have to work tomorrow and I really, really, really don't want to.
5. Because like most people on campus right now, I could use a little "me" time.
6. I think it would be like hitting my inner refresh button.
All that to say this- I am so thankful to God for getting me through the past couple weeks. To be completely honest other than feeling like I've been run over by a Mack truck, life is looking pretty good. I'm going to hear the Pops tomorrow night, and I'm going to King's Island on Saturday. What fun!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Life Is a Whirlwind

Life is so interesting! We jump from one thing to another
like ping pong balls.
O, look a squirrel!
O, look at the fairies....
Pampers are the best diapers.
Cause Mr. Crater was cracking up...
His arms were flailing, but nobody was singing.
Such are the things we can glean from our fellow human beings.

-This is Leanna and friends signing out from the office.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Famous GBS Volleyball Semifinals Part II

We Won!!!!!
Ok so this is slightly belated but still relevant! Just in case you were not informed the Defenders, the dark horse team of the tournament, had a stunning victory at the GBS lock-in Friday April 25, 2008. Enough said. Look for us in the yearbook.

Life is getting to the point where I feel like something has to give. I am ready for a change. I think the change my body, emotions, and will desires is that wonderful thing called home. I NEED MY MOMMY... Just kidding! I really don't go in for that sentimental mush, but I really do miss my mom... and my bedroom and my friends and my shortsleeves among other things. I am afraid, though, that when I get home I will realize what I've lost. Which would be the uniqueness of my second year of college. So many friends are leaving that I refuse to think about it. I will be a mess without Missie, Brenda, Vita, Kristen, Becky, Alicia, Valerie, and Maria. I'm totally gonna be part of the older generation here at GBS, and I'm not sure I'm ready for it. Luckily, I have a very good feeling about the younger generation so I think I will get along with them capitally. If I try really hard I may even be able to blend in. Well, to all who are ready for summer and a change of scenery- this is for you! I will miss everyone here dearly though and I hope everyone keeps me updated on exciting events in their lives.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Famous GBS Volleyball Semifinals

The edges of the gym and the balcony level were filled with screaming GBS students last night. Some I'm sure would claim to be fans while others were doing what they do best- just creating a spirit of excitement by yelling raucously at each other, the ref, and the teams playing. Adrenaline was running high on both sides as two well-matched teams duked it out on the court. I know from personal experience that it was the most intense volleyball I have ever played here at GBS. This was not necessarily due to the quailty of the playing but the intensity of the players. Everybody was pulling out all stops, sacrificing elbows and knees for the sake of the team.

During the two semifinal matches last night, there were brilliant saves on both sides. My team's opposition presented a wall-like force against the powerful hits of Bennett and Jesse. On the other hand, however, we would not take losing as an option. After a very close first game that we lost, we handed them a 21-3 victory. What an upset! But I was impressed with the Disciples resiliance as they proceeded to match us point for point in the deciding game. Due to Brian's solid serves we were able to build a 5 point lead which led us to a 15-9 victory. Go Defenders! I am so proud of you!

After my heart stopped beating double rhythm and my face lost its beetlike quality, the reality of what had happened set in. I was in the perfect mood to do something crazy. But all that was available to me was watching the other semifinal match in the gym. This turned out to be the perfect release for my excess adrenaline-induced energy. So I joined the screaming maniacs surrounding the volleyball court. The spirit of excitement was so prevalent nobody noticed how nuts I was acting. The team I was supporting managed to pull out two wins following a loss, and this provided the icing for the cake of the evening.

Now, I'm ready for Friday night. I have this feeling it will be somewhat anticlimatic since the energy and excitement of last night will be somewhat diffused as students will be more spread out and focused on their own agendas for the evening. I think the game will prove to be worth the effort that it took to get there. May the best team win!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


How in the world do you capture the delicious feelings of watching the world coming back to life after a long, cold winter? It is an infectious blossoming of flowers, human spirits, animals, and insects. Even the most depressed, bogged down, and sleep deprived souls respond to this panacea know as spring. People crave sunshine and gentle breezes as much as the growing flowers and trees. The parks so recently dead both in plant and people life are now filled with the delicate scents of blossoming trees and the footsteps of people trying to walk off their extra winter weight. Somehow there is a release from the grip of fears, old burdens, and fatigue. New resolves are formed, and any task seems surmountable.

In the face of all the projects I have to finish, I am so thankful for this change in weather. God knew I needed this divine motivator to be able to finish out the semester with a smile on my face. Thank-you God!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Break

My spring break was much different than the stereotypical spring break activities. It was probably alot more tame than the normal college student's break but no less enjoyable (at least to me). Vita was able to visit my family, and we had a party spending time with her before she leaves us to return to Ukraine. In that aspect it was bitter-sweet because this was just the beginnings of the lasts we will have with her. She was my first friend here at GBS and next year she'll be gone. That pretty much stinks! I hope some day I can go visit her and her soon-to-be husband Steven in Ukraine:)
We put her through pretty much a continual whirl of activity that usually accompanies a trip home. She was able to experience a family get-get-together complete with pumpkin pie and lots of other good food. She met my very cute nephews Camron and Jacob, and they both promptly fell in love with her. We went out for desserts at Damon's with a bunch of my friends to celebrate some birthdays and did some shopping as well.
I think one of the most memorable moments was our unofficial whipped cream battle. I was kindly trying to help her top off her meal with a little dessert by squirting whipped cream straight into her mouth. Apparently, it comes out alot faster than you think and Vita was drowning in whipped cream. She then decided it was my turn and I got whipped cream not only in my mouth but on my shirt, hands, and glasses. I tried to return the goodness to her by flinging it back at her. Don't worry-things fortunately did not get out of control as these things often do. We ended the fight amiably enough and helped each other clean stray cream patches off the walls and floor and me. What fun!
My friends are so awesome. I really treasure the chance to catch up on their lives when I'm back home. My friend Genet had her monumental 21st birthday and my friend Jan turned 22 so of course, celebrations were in order. We planned to go to Coldstone at the mall which was closed for some reason so we decided on Damon's instead. With 9 crazy girls all trying to talk at once, we made quite a commotion. The giant chocolate chip cookie sundae was phenomenal!
Well, anyway enough said for now. I'm hoping I can get enough momentum now to finish out the year.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Something Positive

Somewhere on my to do list is the reminder to look on the sunny side of life more often. In contrast to my last blog, I want to uplift spirirts and renew hearts with my council. The other week when we had a chapel about the importance of time, I was really convicted about this concept. As much as it may seem like I have a long life ahead of me and plenty of time to get serious about being used of God to help others there is no time like the present to start practicing His love.
I think I often fail to realize how every day is a gift from God to serve Him by serving others. I allow the responsibilities I have to weigh me down and get me grouchy at my to-do-list. Not to be morbid but I could die tomorrow in a tragic car accident. I want my last thoughts on earth to be joyful because I'm going to see my Savior, not remorseful because of all things I failed to do for Him.
The beautiful thing about it is that each day is exciting and rewarding in its own way. If I strive to follow God's will to the best of my ability, my life will be so fulfilling. I am very thankful for that!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reasons Why I'm Ready for Summer

1. Alright.... enough with the snow already!
2. I miss flip-flops (in the sense that they can be worn for occasions other than just showers).
3. I think I need to get a tan. I'm starting to look sickly.
4. Homework is no longer fun (not like it was ever really actually fun but I am horrified at the excuses I have lowered myself to to get out of doing it).
5. It would be fun to watch a good movie.
6. The cash supply is perpetually running low while in school.
7. I miss my cat.
8. Totally kidding about the cat.
9. I want to be able to want to eat ice cream to cool down (not just because there are no other desserts available).
10. I love driving with the windows down, the sunroof open, and the tunes cranked. O yeah!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Here Are the Promised Profound Thoughts

I was babysitting the other day, and I was reminded of the delightful nature of children. But just when you think they couldn't be any cuter- they wind up and kick you in the shins. I love observing their little carnal natures mixed with true sweetness that an adult can never hope to imitate.

I've also been observing lately that some parents, grandparents, or other close relatives seem to think the way to keep a child happy is to shower them with all sorts of expensive gifts. Though this does serve that purpose for at least 5 minutes or so, many of these kids just become more and more demanding. "I'm booorrreeedd!!!" -is a common quote heard from these children. I feel bad for these kids because they learn to depend on things to entertain themselves instead of using their imaginations to have some truly exciting adventures. This is the reason why kids should not be given everything they want.

I have also observed that when kids are always denied what they want it can be just as detrimental. These are often extreme cases where kids are denied even basic needs like love and food because their parents don't care about them. This has far reaching affects on the emotional and mental health of that kid. It breaks my heart to see situations like that. I also think the second part of this quote can be applied to parents who strictly control all the activities of their children. Although this is not nearly as harsh as ignoring them all the time, I think it still is detrimental to a child's development. For one thing some of my fondest memories as a little kid were when my sisters and I were out roaming the neighberhood with our friends and having all sorts of clubs and adventures and bike races. And for another thing how are kids supposed to be able to think for themselves if they are never allowed to? No matter how much parents want to shelter their children from pain, the best way for most people to learn is through experience.

Anyway, just some random thoughts. And I totally can't wait to see my nephews in 3 days!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Interesting Quote

"Two worse things for a child: 'Always to have their own way or never to have it.'" from The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Bernette

Great thoughts on this quote will follow later.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Reactions to the Frigidness

When I was at Starbuck's tonight, I began to think of what I could blog about. My mind began to wander and in its ramblings it struck upon the memory of talking about visiting the Carribean.

Before my trip to Starbucks, I was participating in my normal Monday evening activity which is physical science lab (the equivalent of beating my head against a brick wall). Tonight was not as bad as some nights as far as the lab work was concerned, but the temperature of the room was frigid. This was due to the fact that a window was open and could not be closed because it was jammed, frozen, broken... Who knows? (According to Maslow's hierachy of needs, we should not have had lab because it was so cold some of us undoubtedly were unable to learn.) My friend and lab partner Alvin made some comment about his home in Grenada and the fact that I have been there and then....

I am floating on the crystal blue waves of the Carribean Ocean. With my goggles and snorkel in place, I look like the typical tourist, but I don't care because this is totally awesome. I'm pretty sure they could come up with some sort of therapy that consists of just allowing your body to bob up and down in the waves of clear, warm salt water. I am not a person who generally forms very distinct memories of events in my life, but I will never forget that sensation of being cradled by the waves. Wow!! The sand on the beach was white (or at least it looked really white compared to the beaches on the east coast), and my friends and I had this expanse of beach completely to ourselves. We exposed our very pale selves to the genial sun hoping for that perfect tan in only a weeks time. When that got boring, we began doing beach Olympics which included the long jump, cartwheels, and various other activities.

Why am I rambling about this cherished memory? It is my rebellion against this fearsome weather which we are currently experiencing. Even if it feels like 10 below in Cincinnati at least I have a happy place to go in my mind:)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Andvanced Comp

So I'm in a class this semester called Advanced Composition. Sound ominous? So far it hasn't proven to be too horrible. We are reading various essays which is fine with me since I love reading. What's really nice is the brevity and sometimes levity (tacky, i know:) of the essays amid all the long and boring chapters I have to read for other classes. The only catch is that by the end of this semester, I'm going to have to be able to write a 10 page essay. Ahhhhh! Can you believe it?! We barely even have to write 10 page research papers around here and I'm gonna try and come up with 10 pages of material completely unique with me. Needless to say, I'm a little worried about it.

Mr. Profitt tells us that even though essays appear to be random thoughts just strung together at the author's whim, they are, indeed, carefully crafted to appear this way. Bummer! I was thinking I could do this cool stream of consiciousness thing where I write whatever pops into my head for 10 pages. Apparently there actually has to be a rhyme and reason to my madness. So I'm hoping blogging will help me in this dilemma by helping me to learn to write more casually. What I really need help with though is subject matter. So if anybody has any ideas about what I could try my hand at rambling about- please, please give me ideas. I would forever be greatful and I will give you very generous recognition.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Volleyball, oh volleyball what have you done to me? Tonight there was no magic whatsoever. My team here at GBS played a team that had 3 players while we had 5 players (and we nearly lost). I think I've been playing too much lately cause I could not get my feet unglued from the floor. I felt bad for my team because they had to deal with my many mistakes. Ahh! Unless you think I no longer like volleyball let me clarify. This past week I had a chance to play some competetive girls' volleyball against some visiting high school girls who were here for a guys' basketball tournament. We had two practices this past week which were quite strenuous. The actual game was fairly tight as well. We had game point in the last game when they came back and somehow won. So playing intramurals was sort of anticlimatic for me since it was switching back to a totally different way of playing. In co-ed volleyball, girls naturally take the supportive roles and aren't the ones spiking and blocking. I miss that stuff. But now that I've got that out of my system, I think next week will go better. I have a great team, and I think we have the potential to go far. Rock on Defenders!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter Jam

This is a hot topic at the moment so I'm going to give into the need to relate my exciting experiences as well. Winter Jam was a concert featuring several different Christian bands. I was really pumped up about it cause some of my favorite groups were going to be there. They did not disappoint. I totally loved Mandisa's (former American idol contestant) stage presence and voice. She could totally belt it! Newsong was rather a surprise for me since I wasn't really expecting to like their music. No offense to them or anything, but I thought they looked like a bunch of old men have beens. They were phenomenal! They had some of the best lyrics and voices.
Mercyme deserves their own paragraph cause they were a step above everyone else in my book. When they hit the stage I was like "Yeah! This is what I was waiting for." They sang some songs from their new album that have some really powerful lyrics. Me and my friends (Sam, Mel, and Cheryl) were totally getting into it. Then they sang some of their older songs I was more familiar with and it was fun being able to sing along.
The most unique experience was getting to meet some of the stage hands and lesser known groups when we went back to look for Mel's lost phone. The one had this very cool Australian accent. "Unload all the cardboard boxes first will ya, mate?" Fun:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Leanna's Plans

I am just writing down what Leanna said as she contemplated her weekend plans...

"I think it would be cool to yea, be with people that we know. I haven't been to a concert in a long time and its not super expensive. We need to get up there on the stage and like, ya know, bust a few moves. [edit] Tonight. My room."

Disclaimer: This conversation is not all that it seems. Don't worry. She's not gonna try anything at the concert (or so she says)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tales from the Office

Ummm *laughter*
"It's gonna be very random. I don't think I read that. Great Expectations? Is that Charles Dickens?" she said as she sat reclining in her office chair with Sophocles in her lap.
*more laughter*
"So Sam, how you doin?...I'm waiting on your response"
He just laughed. She laughed even more.
"I'm not getting much homework done."
"Thanks to...." *ahem* Sam said.

"Well we need a lead pipe, knife, rope and a wrench. Any help?" he asked.

Leanna continued, "I know a really funny dialogue. Also more-so than funny actions. but I do like funny action movies too, I think I'm kind of half and half. Thats movie made me sad though... Hamlet? Freak!"

Leanna: Missy just laughs uproariously.
Missy: That's not funny
Melissa: That's why the laugh was fake.

A Day in the Life of a "New R.A."

So did you want to be an R.A.*? Did you sit at the R.A.'s table before you became one? Did you ask for the job? How does it feel? Do you like your new job? You should give them points! You do know as an R.A. your gonna lose all your friends. So are you going to change?

These are all comments I have heard within the past 10 days. To be honest I have struggled with my carnal nature when asked these questions. On many occasions I had to bite my tongue and say to myself, "Now be nice be nice Leanna, these people are just curious about your new job." I really wanted to just rattle off some sarcastic response and be completely stupid. Well, when I agreed to be an R.A., it was because I thought it would just be a little sidenote on an otherwise normal semester. So far it has dominated my normal college habits. It's hard for me to handle all that change at once so the past two weeks have been a little strained for me. But God has definitely been good to me by consistently ministering to me through the school-wide revival and services at church.

My opinion of an R.A. was that they were a person put in a position to help keep the dorm from going nuts. I always thought they were pretty cool, and they didn't invade my space to much so we cohabitated very well. So my line of reasoning was something like this when Miss V asked me if I would consider being the 2nd floor R.A. "I like the R.A.s. This job seems like an answer to prayer in the financial area so why not?" I talked to God about it and had this distinct feeling that this opportunity had come along at this point in my life for a specific reason. So I took a big step and accepted the position. Little did I know how much it would alter my image in many peoples' minds.

I guess my answer to the aforementioned questions would be "No, I am not power tripping. I'm not planning on changing except hopefully only to become more mature in my walk with God. I am still the same person and I still feel the same way about all my friends and acquaintances on campus." I wish and hope they will feel the same way about me.
*R.A.= resident assisstant

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Obsession with Dark Chocolate

I feel like I've just discovered dark chocolate. I have no idea how I survived without it. It is a small piece of heaven for me. I used to be a big fan of milk chocolate. I am now amazed at my ignorance.
Whenever my mom would buy those bags of mixed chocolates, I always ate anything except the dark chocolate. I thought it was too bitter. Well, after I found out dark chocolate was actually slightly more healthy, I decided I should give it another spin. My more mature taste buds were obviously better able to appreciate the sensation, and I am now a dark chocolate fanatic.
As I sit here stuffing my face with some chocolate my aunt gave me for Christmas I am able to comfort myself with the fact that the antioxidants are doing wonders for my health. How nice!!