Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Famous GBS Volleyball Semifinals

The edges of the gym and the balcony level were filled with screaming GBS students last night. Some I'm sure would claim to be fans while others were doing what they do best- just creating a spirit of excitement by yelling raucously at each other, the ref, and the teams playing. Adrenaline was running high on both sides as two well-matched teams duked it out on the court. I know from personal experience that it was the most intense volleyball I have ever played here at GBS. This was not necessarily due to the quailty of the playing but the intensity of the players. Everybody was pulling out all stops, sacrificing elbows and knees for the sake of the team.

During the two semifinal matches last night, there were brilliant saves on both sides. My team's opposition presented a wall-like force against the powerful hits of Bennett and Jesse. On the other hand, however, we would not take losing as an option. After a very close first game that we lost, we handed them a 21-3 victory. What an upset! But I was impressed with the Disciples resiliance as they proceeded to match us point for point in the deciding game. Due to Brian's solid serves we were able to build a 5 point lead which led us to a 15-9 victory. Go Defenders! I am so proud of you!

After my heart stopped beating double rhythm and my face lost its beetlike quality, the reality of what had happened set in. I was in the perfect mood to do something crazy. But all that was available to me was watching the other semifinal match in the gym. This turned out to be the perfect release for my excess adrenaline-induced energy. So I joined the screaming maniacs surrounding the volleyball court. The spirit of excitement was so prevalent nobody noticed how nuts I was acting. The team I was supporting managed to pull out two wins following a loss, and this provided the icing for the cake of the evening.

Now, I'm ready for Friday night. I have this feeling it will be somewhat anticlimatic since the energy and excitement of last night will be somewhat diffused as students will be more spread out and focused on their own agendas for the evening. I think the game will prove to be worth the effort that it took to get there. May the best team win!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


How in the world do you capture the delicious feelings of watching the world coming back to life after a long, cold winter? It is an infectious blossoming of flowers, human spirits, animals, and insects. Even the most depressed, bogged down, and sleep deprived souls respond to this panacea know as spring. People crave sunshine and gentle breezes as much as the growing flowers and trees. The parks so recently dead both in plant and people life are now filled with the delicate scents of blossoming trees and the footsteps of people trying to walk off their extra winter weight. Somehow there is a release from the grip of fears, old burdens, and fatigue. New resolves are formed, and any task seems surmountable.

In the face of all the projects I have to finish, I am so thankful for this change in weather. God knew I needed this divine motivator to be able to finish out the semester with a smile on my face. Thank-you God!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Break

My spring break was much different than the stereotypical spring break activities. It was probably alot more tame than the normal college student's break but no less enjoyable (at least to me). Vita was able to visit my family, and we had a party spending time with her before she leaves us to return to Ukraine. In that aspect it was bitter-sweet because this was just the beginnings of the lasts we will have with her. She was my first friend here at GBS and next year she'll be gone. That pretty much stinks! I hope some day I can go visit her and her soon-to-be husband Steven in Ukraine:)
We put her through pretty much a continual whirl of activity that usually accompanies a trip home. She was able to experience a family get-get-together complete with pumpkin pie and lots of other good food. She met my very cute nephews Camron and Jacob, and they both promptly fell in love with her. We went out for desserts at Damon's with a bunch of my friends to celebrate some birthdays and did some shopping as well.
I think one of the most memorable moments was our unofficial whipped cream battle. I was kindly trying to help her top off her meal with a little dessert by squirting whipped cream straight into her mouth. Apparently, it comes out alot faster than you think and Vita was drowning in whipped cream. She then decided it was my turn and I got whipped cream not only in my mouth but on my shirt, hands, and glasses. I tried to return the goodness to her by flinging it back at her. Don't worry-things fortunately did not get out of control as these things often do. We ended the fight amiably enough and helped each other clean stray cream patches off the walls and floor and me. What fun!
My friends are so awesome. I really treasure the chance to catch up on their lives when I'm back home. My friend Genet had her monumental 21st birthday and my friend Jan turned 22 so of course, celebrations were in order. We planned to go to Coldstone at the mall which was closed for some reason so we decided on Damon's instead. With 9 crazy girls all trying to talk at once, we made quite a commotion. The giant chocolate chip cookie sundae was phenomenal!
Well, anyway enough said for now. I'm hoping I can get enough momentum now to finish out the year.