Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Turning Over a New Leaf"

That is what I write every time I have no idea what happened to the concept of balancing my checkbook. I just write in my current balance, hoping its correct, and reprimand myself by saying "Turning over a new leaf" to remind myself not to let it happen again. This now applies to blogging. It's been so long. What shall I write about to wow the world with my witticisms? (That was alliterative:)
I'm a senior this year. I think I should have some clear ideas about where I go from here. Instead, I have alot of vague fuzziness. I trust God to lead me, though, and I know He won't let me down. Its kind of like living life on the edge, this Christian walk. Many times when I've most tried to control my life, its gone pretty rottenly. The most successful times of my life have been the decisions that were sorta haphazard. My college choice was based on getting far enough away from home so that I couldn't easily return every weekend and a Christian college so I wouldn't feel like a total weirdo living in the dorm. Looking back, I can see that GBS has been one of the best things ever for me. I've grown so much here spiritually. In about 5 years, I'm gonna look back and be amazed by where all God has taken me. I can't wait!